Kostas Tsalikis

Trials and tribulations of Android development

Testing LazyColumn in Compose

Jul 17, 2023
A quick guide on how to test LazyColumns with Espresso

Thoughts on the Bowling Kata

Nov 10, 2020
Practicing TDD and incremental design through the Bowling Kata

A confusing build failure

Nov 7, 2019
How can a unit test pass on Android Studio and fail on a Continuous Integration daemon?

Stubbing external services in Espresso tests - Part 1: Bring the code in the right shape

Jul 24, 2019
In this post we will explore why we would need to add UI tests with Espresso and how to shape the code in order to write the very first test

Uploading an Android library on JCenter

May 21, 2019
A small overview on how to publish an Android open-source library on a public maven repository